Thursday, December 05, 2013

Christmas Knitting...Love it or Hate it?

So how much Christmas knitting do y'all do?  A few years back I was determined to knit every member of the family something wearable.  Even those that love to tease me about my love of the knitted sock were on the knit list.  I knit and knit...stressed that I wouldn't finish before Christmas morning.  I was lucky.  Everyone received either a hat, scarf, a pair of socks or new felted hand bag. 

That was the last year that I knitted for everyone...sad but true.  I love to knit.  It relaxes me...most of the time.  Holiday knitting has the exact opposite effect.  I worry and stress about every little detail... yarn choice, pattern, etc.  It is draining so why did I decide to knit for others this season?  Good question.  I'm almost done and it has been much more the yarns and the patterns.  I decided that this year it is the process and hopefully the wearer will love the item as much as I loved knitting it.  If not then hopefully they'll pass it on...maybe back to me since I love every single thing.

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